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Catalog Number 2005.2.1740
Object Name Newspaper
Scope & Content Copies: 1 ( 1 original newspaper clipping)

(With apologies to Poe.)
Once upon a midnight deary,
Tired of limb, but thinking clearly,
Tracy spoke to Merrill merely,
Of the striped garb he wore.
Then he spoke of leaving prison,
Talked it o'er and made decision
To depart forevermore.
Eagerly he wished the morrow,
(Which he filled with lasting sorrow),
Ere its early hours ere o'er.
By the aid of gun and demon,
He breathed freedom's air once more.
Hurrying fast t'ward brush and timber,
Meeting naught to check or hinder,
Soon they gained a place of hiding,
(Underbrush quite covered o'er),
Sought they rest, and nothing more.
Soon as Salem heard the story,
Posses started on the trail.
In the hunt they seemed to glory,
In the hunt they seemed to fail.
Circling round and back through Salem,
Those bold outlaws made their way.
Not a gunner chanced to hail them,
No one tried to stop their play.
Durbin chased them down at Gervais,
And with men and guns galore,
Had them till his men grew nervous,
Spoke then Tracy words of yore:
'Farewell! Durbin, evermore.'
As they passed from Marion's border,
Cook took up the human chase,
In behalf of law and order,
To protect the human race.
But his duty soon was over,
Nothing more to do but tell
How he played the part of rover,
He, too, hear that sad (?) farewell!
Thus for weeks the scene has shifted,
Same old story o'er and o'er,
Til the outlaws both have drifted
Northward to old Pudget's shores.
Once again the unexpected!
Tracy bold, though undetected,
Takes a launch and steams away.
(This he did in open day.)
Night comes on, and this bold villian,
With Companion, quite unwilling,
Lands along the northern shore,
On the railroad close to Ballard.
Here they sit and talk it o'er.
Having ceased his midnight larking,
Finally with quick upstarting,
Tracy deems it time for parting,
And they part forevermore.
With the news of Tracy's landing,
Cudiee begins the banding
Of a thousand men or more.
True they found the living devil
In the borders of a park,
And they tired to hold him level,
Aiming ever at his heart.
But he failed to do their bidding,
And today he still is living,
Living vet to kill some more.
King County's Sheriff, brave and bold,
Still sings a song that's growing old.
With Carson's dogs and well-picked men,
The Sheriff says: 'I now intend
To wait till morning's early break,
Then capture, kill or wound or take --- Tracy,
Salem, Or., July 15. --- F.B.D. " (front of original)
Title "Tracy" Poem
Collection Photograph Collection