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Catalog Number 2005.2.1746
Object Name Newspaper
Scope & Content Copies: 1 ( 1 original newspaper clipping)

The Morning Call
Ma comes and calls at early dawn,
An' I say: 'Yessum.'
She calls again and I just yawn
An' answer: 'Yessum.'
I love to lie just hald awake
An' dream of fishin' in the lake
And smell the buckwheat battercake,
An' answer: 'Yessum.'
Again she comes and giver her call
An' I say: 'Yessum.'
I don't git up ner stir at all:
I just say 'Yessum.'
And she hollers, 'Willum, you
Have ogt your monin' chores to do,
You'll have to hustle to git through.'
An' I say: 'Yessum.'
Each mornin' it is that there way;
I just say: 'Yessum.'
She calls an' calls an' I just say:
'I'm comin', yessum';
Then dad comes an' he hollars, 'Bill!'
An' then I stop my lyin' still
And go to dressin' with a will,
An' holler: 'Comin'!'
---The Aberdeen-Angus Journal
Father (arriving home): 'What's
your little brother crying for?'
Elsie: 'Buddy's not crying for any-
thing---he's had it.'
'It is sad that paper can be used
effectively in keeping a person warm.'
'Yes, I remember a 30-day note once
kept me in a sweat for a month.'
The Worst One
It ain't the robin in the spring
About which farmers fuss;
The robbin' in the fall's the one
That makes the growers cuss.
---Wheat Growers' Journal
Cow Beat Them to It
An offical of the board of health noti-
fied a citizen that his license to keep a
cow had expired. He got thsi reply:
'Monsieur Bord of Helt---I just got
your notis that my lisence to keep my
cow has expire. I wish to inform you,
m'sieur Bord of Helt, that my cow beat
you to it---she expire t'ree weeks ago.
Much oblige,
Yours with Respeck
Pete.'" (front of original)
Title "Nubbins"
Collection Photograph Collection