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Catalog Number 2005.2.1739
Object Name Newspaper
Scope & Content Copies: 6 ( 6 newspaper clippings glued down to stationery)

"Second Lesson
at Auto Wheel
Ends in Death
Woodburn--- Mrs. Cecilia Morris,
57, wife of Albert Morris, passed
away suddenly Thursday afternoon
while at the wheel of a new car
which she was learning to drive.
With the salesman who was in-
structing her, she was driving on
the Broadacres road near her home
and seemed to be in her usual good
health, but suddenly fell forward
dead. It was her second lesson in
She is survived by her husband,
Albert Morris of Broadacres, one
son, Amos of Portland; three
brothers, Dave, Albert, and Edwin
Hovenden and five sisters.
Funeral services will be held at
the E.N. Hall chapel on Sunday
afternoon at 1:30 o'clock. Burial will
be in the Hubbard cemetery." (first original newspaper clipping)

"Morris Funeral
Held at Woodburn
Woodburn --- Funeral services for
Mrs. Cecelia Jane Morris, who
passed away suddenly on Thursday
near Broadacres, were held at the E.
N. Hall chapel in Woodburn, Sun-
day afternoon at 1:30 o'clock. The
sermon was preached by Rev. W. T.
Klotzbach of the Free Methodist
church and the music was by Rev.
and Mrs. Klotzbach. Pall bearers
were John Miller, A.L. Whitney,
A.E. Feller, James Feller and Mr.
Smith. Interment was in the Hub-
bard cemetary.
Cecelia Jane Hovenden was born
July 30, 1872 and was 57 years old
at the time of her death. She was
married to Walter L. Morris. To this
union was born one son, Amos
David. She also leaves, besides her
husband and son, the following sis-
ters and brothers: Mrs. Sarah J.
Moore of Corvallis; Miss Thirza
Hovenden of Woodburn; David
Hovenden of Seaside; Mrs. W.G.
Letson of Aurora; Mrs. L.C. Wood-
ruff of St. Paul; Mrs. S. Barber of
Hubbard; Albert Hovenden of Hu-
bard and Edwin Hovenden of Wood-
burn." (second original newspaper clipping)

"Mrs. Amy Barber
Woodburn --- Mrs. Amy Barber, 53,
wife of Stafford Barber, died Friday
at her home near Hubbard and fun-
eral services will be held Monday at
2 p.m. from the Beechler-Kilian ca-
pel here. Mrs. Barber is survived by
her widower, two brothers, Albert
Hovenden of Hubbard, and E.C. of
Woodburn; three sisters, Sarah E.
Moore of Corvallis, Eda Lapson of
Aurora and Elsie Woodruff of St.
Paul. Re. P.N. Hammond of the
Methodist Episcopal church will offi-
ciate at the services and interment
will be in the Hubbard cemetery." (thrid original newspaper clipping)

"Mrs. Amy Barber
Woodburn --- Funeral services for
Mrs. Amy Barber, 53, who died at her
home near Hubbard Friday, were held
in the chapel of the Eeecheler-Kilian
mortuary here Monday afternoon at 2
o'clock. The sermon was preacehd by
Rev. W. Orr of the Hubbard Feder-
ated church and solos were sung by
A.A. Frieson with Miss Joyce Wood-
ruff at the piano. Pall bearers were
nephews of the deceased. Interment
was in the Hubbard cemetery. Amy
Hovenden was the daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Amos Hovenden, pioneers,
and was born on the old homestead
near the place on which she passed
away. She was married to Stafford
Barber who survives her. She also
leaves two brothers, Albert of Hub-
bard and E.C. Hovenden of Wood-
burn and three sisters, Mrs. Sarah E.
Moore of Corvallis, Mrs. Eda Letson of
Aurora and Mrs. Effie Woodruff of
St. Paul." (fourth original newspaper clipping)

"Lester C. Woodruff
Woodburn --- Funeral services for
Lester Church Woodruff, who died at
his home at St. Paul Sunday night,
were held from teh Beechler-Kilian
chapel here Wednesday at 1 p.m. with
Rev. P.M. Hammond of the Method-
ist Episcopal church officiating. Solos
were sung by Peter Larson with Mrs.
Howard Miller at the piano. Inter-
ment was in the Hubbard cemetery.
The deceased was born at Pittsfield,
Mass., April 19, 1876. He married Effie
Hovenden of Woodburn Nove. 27, 1902.
Besides his widow he is survived by
three sons, Clyde of Salem, Bert and
Edwin of St. Paul; three brothers,
Charles Woodruff of Pittsfield, Mass.,
Irving and S.W. Woodruff of Isley,
Alberta, Canada." (fifth original newspaper clipping)

"Ellen H. Manock
Ellen H. Manock was born on the
farm of her parents, Amos and Eliza-
beth Hovenden near Hubbard, in Mar-
ion County, Oregon on August 10, 1868,
and was at the time of her death 44
years, 6 months and 4 days.
She was married at her home Febru-
ary 20, 1888 to Alfred A. Manock of
Elmwood, who had come to Oregon two
years before. To them were born three
children, Carl H. who is a drugist at
Dallas, Oregon, Mrs. Ida Birrel of
Corvallis, Oregon and Nathan, the
youngest son who will graduate this
spring from the Corvallis high school.
The first two years of their married
life were spent working on the home
One year at LaFayette and 19 on
their own farm near McMinnville, her
health not being good, they sold their
farm and moved to Corvallis, where
their home has been for the last three
years. Thinking it would improve their
health and spirits they decided to make
a visit to his former home, among rela-
tives and friends where they were warm-
ly greeted by kindred and neighbors.
While making a visit at the home of
their niece, Mrs. Harlan Nickerson, she
was taken violently ill of typhoid fever
in consequence of which she passed
away in a little over eight days at 8 a.
m. April 14, 1913
There seemed no hope from the start
but what medical skills, good nursing,
and loving hands could do, was done
willingly. She came to some of use as a
stranger, but to know her was to love
her, as her sweet, lovable, disposition
was soon apparent. She leaves beside
her husband and three children, her
aged mother, Mrs. Lizzie Hovenden,
three brothers, David, Albert, and Ed-
win, six sisters, Sarah, Celia, Thersa,
Eda, Effie, and Amy. One brother WIll-
ie, died at the age of nine. All the
others are now living near Hubbard.
To the above tribute, prepared by
Mrs. Lee Page, it may be added that
what she said in reference to the
esteem and affection entertained by so
many for Mrs. Manock was borne out
by the large attendance and the mani-
festly deep feeling at the funeral ser-
vices held in teh home of Mr. and Mrs.
Harley Nickeson, Wednesday afternoon
April 16. Rev. B.Y. George attended
to it as a thing unusual and remarkable
among the many experinces of his
long ministry that such regard should
be shown by a large circle of people
for one who less than four months be-
fore was known to them only by name
and report. She arrived with hus-
band in Elmwood the day before last
Christmas. Whatever fears she may
have had about the welcome to be given
her byer husband's relatives and old
friends were at once dispelled. Her
heart responded very happily to the
goodwill which they showed, and a
goodwill ripening into affectionare re-
gard as they saw more and more of her
gracious and lovable disposition. So,
when she realized that death was near,
she did not have the sadness of one dy-
ing among strangers, but, was com-
forted by the kindness and love, not
only of those in whose home she
passed away, but of so many others
who had come to seem as near to her
and as dear as if she had grown up
from childhood among them. The
knowledge of this will be to her clhil-
dren in California a great alleviation of
their sorrow. They realized that their
good has been the highest aim in life
of their parents, who choose the univer
sity town of Corvallis as a home be-
cause, it gave them the best education-
al advantages their state afforded. The
way in which these oppurtunties were
improved filled the hearts of the par-
ents with joy and pride. The children
urged them to make this visit for their
happiness and health. Along with
their father they will, amid their sor-
row, be glad that their beloved mother
was happy in the friendships she made,
and will be deeply grateful as he is for
all the lvoing kindness which was
showered upon her.
She was laid to rest, near to kindred
of her husband and herself, mostly
those of a former generation, in our
beautiful Elmwood cemetery." (sixth original newspaper clipping)
Title Obituarys for Hovenden/Woodruff Family Members
Collection Photograph Collection